Veteran's football Tours

What is a football veteran?

Answer = A middle aged man in the twilight of his "career", who honestly believes he is playing the best football of his life, whilst marvelling at his apparent fitness, and ability to last 90 minutes, despite too little training and too much beer.

We specialise in arranging veteran football tours to Europe. We understand Veterans Football, and think we know what is required to make a great tour.

We organise as many (or as few) friendly games as you can manage. We have a network of friends in Europe who are pleased to welcome UK based teams and host friendly games. Generally the playing standard abroad is good, but we can match abilities as necessary.

When putting veteran’s football tours together, we first look for local festivities or events that might be fun. For example, we have a calendar with all the main beer festivals in Germany, Belgium and France. 

Once we have found a good destination, we then arrange the friendly games, accommodation, transport and crossing. We have accommodation options ranging from hotels, motels, self catering and hostels.

Most of our veteran’s tours occur from Easter to August, but because every tour is unique, we can arrange a tour at any time. We mainly travel to France, Belgium, Holland and Germany, but we have options all over Europe including; Portugal, Spain and Czech Republic.

Wife friendly Itinerary!!! - We are very happy to issue WIFI's and can include items such as "……. Get an early night in" or …… an opportunity to pick up something nice for the wife" or …… visit to the Tulip Fields to get some ideas for the garden. It is important not to leave anyone at home, and we take nothing for granted.