Booking Conditions

Each tour will have been specifically designed to suit your exact requirements and we will have made every effort in our conversations and meetings with you, to ensure that everything is in place for you to relax and enjoy every aspect of your time with us.

On accepting your booking, we will have made commitments to various travel suppliers. Your attention is drawn to our terms and conditions set out below, which upon completing and signing our Tour Acceptance Form, confirming in writing, or paying a deposit you will have accepted.

We have made every effort to keep our terms and conditions as straight forward and clear as possible, outlining our commitments to you and your responsibilities to us. We believe in providing a quality professional and friendly service. We want you to be able to recommend us to other clubs, groups, schools, friends, and colleagues.

Team Tours Limited, registered office Unit 1 Maida Vale Business Centre, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, GL53 7ER.


Booking & Deposits

1. Once you have decided on your tour and the number of people in your party, we will check the tour availability to confirm that accommodation and transport arrangements are available on the dates required. To confirm availability, we will issue you with a tour invoice/acceptance form. To secure the tour you must sign and return the tour invoice followed by a £50.00 deposit per person payable by the stated date. At the point of confirming your booking we will agree the payment schedule for interim payments and the balance payment. The balance payment must be received no later than 10 weeks before your departure date. We recommend that each individual in your group take out travel insurance at the point of payment of the deposit.

1a. Following payment of your deposits there will be a 21-day cooling off period, during which time you can cancel the tour for any reason and receive a full refund. Following the cooling off period the deposit is Non-refundable.

2. On receipt of your booking you have deemed to have accepted the tour and our terms and conditions as set out here. This will form the basis of our contract with you. We will make no verbal agreements; everything will be put in writing to you. Bookings will only be accepted from persons of 18 years of age and over. At least one adult is required to be present in each Villa, Holiday Home, Cottage, Bungalow, or other accommodation unit for the duration of the tour.

3. Important! Before signing the Tour Acceptance Form, please make sure that you have the authority to do so on behalf of your club, team, or organisation and that all adults/parents are fully aware of their responsibilities.

4. For your own protection and financial security of monies paid, your tour will be fully insured by PROTECTED TRUST SERVICES. This means that in the unlikely event of the company ceasing trading your money will be refunded to you. If you happen to be abroad at this time it will guarantee the completion of your tour and your journey home.

Security Deposit

5. This will be added to your confirmation invoice and is due for payment with the final balance.  The security deposit will be used to cover the cost (if any) of any damage or breakages caused by members of the group – whether accidental or otherwise. The deposit will be returned after 14 days from your return, less any deductions that may be applicable. Security deposits are not applicable to all bookings and may depend on the individual accommodation chosen or the make-up of the party.


6. For your own protection and the security of the tour, it is a Team Tours Limited condition that each member of the touring group must have adequate travel insurance. This can be arranged as a group or each travelling member can make their own arrangements. The tour leader will collect all the individual insurance documents and will confirm to Team Tours Limited prior to the tour starting that they are all adequate and valid. It is important that you ensure that the sport or activity being played/participating is covered by the policy.


7. Surcharges may be imposed for increases in transportation costs, including cost of fuel, taxes, currency fluctuations and fees. If the value of the surcharge means that the tour price is increased by more than 10% you will be entitled to cancel the contract and obtain a full refund. We will not refund insurance premiums paid or costs imposed for alterations. You must exercise your right to cancel within 7 days of being notified about the surcharge.

Health and Safety

8. We recommend you visit and check out the "Know Before You Go" section for information on entry requirements and safety issues for your destination country.

9. Team Tours Limited is not responsible for the health and safety of any member of your group. You must ensure that sufficient adults attend the tour to supervise your group. Whilst we promote fair play from all teams, we will not be held responsible for the conduct of other teams whom your group may play against.

Changes / Cancellation & Late Payments

The arrangements for tours are made many months in advance, and whilst it is unlikely it is sometimes necessary to make changes. A change may be major or minor.

10. A major change is a change to departure date from the UK, a change of scheduled transport departure times of more than 12 hours or a change of resort. If a major change becomes necessary we will tell you as soon as possible before your departure, and you will then have the choice of accepting the change, taking an alternative tour (where this is of lower cost we will refund the difference in price, but where it is a higher price you must pay the difference), or withdrawing from the contract and accepting a full refund.

10.1 Any other change is a minor change. We may make minor changes at any time, and although we will if possible advise you of any such change before your departure, we are not obliged to do so or pay compensation.

11. If you wish to cancel the tour arrangements for either an individual or the whole group, you may do so at any time. You must do this in writing, and the date of cancellation is the date the written communication arrives at our offices (email is the quickest way of doing this). You may find that the reason for cancellation is covered by your travel insurance policy.

Our cancellation charges apply as follows:
Over 10 weeks from departure date – loss of deposits in full + ANY NON-REFUNDABLE FLIGHT COSTS (if applicable).

Within 6 to 10 weeks of departure date – loss of 75% cost of the tour + ANY NON-REFUNDABLE FLIGHT COSTS (if applicable).

Within 6 weeks of departure date – loss of 100% cost of the tour + ANY NON-REFUNDABLE FLIGHT COSTS (if applicable).

Please note that the cancellation of group’s members will increase the cost per person of the remaining tour party unless replacements can be found.

Arrival and Departure Times

12. At many holiday centres you may occupy your accommodation from 3.00pm. However, you will be permitted to use the facilities should you arrive earlier. If any part of the accommodation is found to be damaged on your arrival, it is your responsibility to report it immediately.

12.1 On the day of departure you must vacate the accommodation by 10.30am unless informed otherwise. Again, you may use the facilities at your holiday centre until your departure.  It is very important that the accommodation is left in a clean, tidy, and undamaged condition; otherwise you will be liable either for any loss of contents, cost of repairs and/or loss of any deposit.


13. Team Tours Limited will not accept liability for theft, loss, or damage of any nature during your tour or resulting from a stay at any accommodation. We are also not liable for the breakdown or non-operation of technical equipment and the cancellation or closing of facilities at your choice of accommodation.

Stadium Visits and Excursions

14. If requested by your party, we can arrange stadium visits or excursions of your choice. However, all of these are subject to availability and due to the nature of the venues can change at short notice. All excursions are subject to the drivers permitted working hours under UK & European laws.

Sporting Fixtures and Tournaments

15. Your sporting fixtures will have been personally arranged in good faith, confirmed in writing with the opposing clubs and you will have been given clearance by your local association. We will attempt to match teams of equal ability and age group based on the information provided and contact with the opposing team. However, we cannot be held responsible for any fixtures cancelled due to bad weather, teams failing to turn up or for any other unforeseeable circumstances. In the event of games being cancelled we will endeavour to arrange alternative fixtures for you or organise an excursion in its place.


16. To get you to your tour resort destination there may be several means of transport involved. Should you experience any delays that are due to circumstances beyond our control, you will be covered for certain circumstances under the terms of your insurance. We will make every effort to get you to your destination as quickly as possible.

16.1 You are responsible for meeting the coach at the times specified in your itinerary. If any member of your party is late, we will not be responsible to you if the coach has departed. If your lateness results in your late arrival at match fixtures, we are not liable to you if the match does not proceed. In the interests of health and safety, it is your responsibility to ensure that all hand luggage is stowed away, and the aisles are kept free from obstruction. It is your responsibility to insure against the risk of loss or damage to all packages and personal effects.


17. As a tour organiser it is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your touring party have the appropriate documentation. This includes passports, Visa’s (if required), EHIC (E111 equivalent) and any insurance documentation. Please leave at least 10 weeks to obtain all these documents. Please mention at time of enquiry whether any members of your group have any special needs or requirements including physical, dietary or any other. You should contact a doctor if you are in doubt about your fitness to travel. For more advice visit or visit your local Post Office to obtain a copy of ‘Health Advice for Travellers’.

Household and Travel Rules

18. Team Tours Limited supports the right of any travel company or holiday company to refuse entry or admission or boarding of any vehicle to any passenger who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who constitutes a threat or a danger to any passenger or member of the public. Any person refused transport or accommodation on these grounds or on any other grounds any operator acting on our behalf deems fit will have to make their own alternative arrangements regarding travel and accommodation, at their own expense. We ask that you respectfully uphold the laws of the country that you are visiting and respect the rights of other holiday makers at all our resorts. A copy of the household rules is available at the reception of the holiday centre you are visiting. If your holiday apartment, villa, bungalow, or hotel room is left improperly, supplementary cleaning costs or costs for damaged property will be charged for.

Tour Club

19. Please remember, when travelling your team is not only representing your club, but also your country. Upholding the good name of your club will make you many new friends and contacts for the future, along with laying the foundation for other teams to follow in your footsteps or perhaps a return visit.

Unforeseen Circumstances

20. Team Tours Limited cannot and will not be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control, such as vehicle breakdown, ferry breakdown, adverse weather conditions, cancellation or postponement of tournaments, global pandemic, war, civil unrest, terrorist action, riot, industrial action, natural disaster, conditions or fire. From time to time we may find that our partners facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants etc may not be available for whatever reason. We cannot be held responsible for should facilities be closed or suspended.

BREXIT: For the avoidance of doubt, Team Tours Ltd will not be responsible for such additional costs or losses where caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control or any reason as a result of or in contemplation of Brexit. This will be updated as and when we have any further information. Currently, any possible changes to travel arrangements will not commence until Jan 1st 2021 at the earliest subject to Brexit negotiations being finalised.


21. In the unlikely event that your holiday venue changes due to circumstances beyond our control, we will where possible offer your group alternative accommodation to the same specification. If the alternative venue is not acceptable to your group, we will offer you a full refund. We reserve the right however to make minor changes and adjustments to your itinerary which are beneficial to make your tour run smoothly. You can change or add to any aspect of your tour subject to the availability. Please bear in mind that any deposits paid may not be transferable and a small charge may be made to adjust accommodation or travel arrangements. We will advise you of any necessary changes to your tour in writing and of any charges for alterations made, which we will always try to keep to a minimum.

21.1 At Team Tours Limited we try to be flexible in our approach to offering you the tour that meets your clubs’ requirements. We have taken great care to ensure that all the information supplied is correct and up to date. If any aspects of your tour changes or facilities are altered, we will inform you immediately.

Complaints Procedure

22. Despite all our care and concern for all our customers, it can happen that you have a justified complaint. If your complaint is regarding anything at the holiday accommodation, please address it immediately with management in a courteous manner. You must advise us of any other complaint within 28 days, on your return to the UK. Team Tours Limited will make every effort do deal with your complaint in an efficient and courteous manner. In the event of any dispute arising between us, the dispute will be governed by the laws of England and Wales under the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Marketing: Photo/videography

23. By accepting our terms and conditions you agree that Team Tours Ltd may use any image/s or video/s that we or any of our partners may have taken of you, for promotional purposes, which may include our website, social media, or written correspondence.

Tour Organisers Responsibilities

As a group organiser it is your responsibility to:

Complete and return tour invoice on behalf of the group and return it to Team Tours Limited.

Make deposit, interim payments, and final payment on time.

Ensure that your group have up to date passports, all Visa requirements are met and EHIC's have been obtained in time.

Keep your group well-informed with information given to you by Team Tours Limited.

Arrive promptly for transfers, matches, events or departures. Inform us of any changes.

Ensure that you and your group adhere to local laws and regulations of our suppliers.

Personal or group travel insurance is valid for each individual travelling.


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