Sports Tours to Belgium

All the principle tour destinations are in the northern Flemish part of Belgium: Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges as well as the countries capital: Brussels. This means that, as in The Netherlands, English is spoken throughout the country.

Belgium (Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent)

The capital of Belgium boasts architecture and museums to rank with the best in Europe and since its appointment as headquarters of both NATO and the EU its infrastructure has been enhanced to match any city in Western Europe including a new metro.

This city is not the most popular tourist destination in Belgium for nothing. Unspoilt through being a blind spot in the sights of both the Luftwaffe and RAF bomber pilots this compact city has a natural fairy tale quality about it that will enthral any visitor of any age.

Belgium’s second city and the capital of Flemish Belgium fans out from the east bank of the Scheldt River. With the massive sea going bargeslooming up behind you in the second largest docks in Europe.

One of the best things about Ghent is that not only does it share with Antwerp and Brussels: beautiful canals and well preserved medieval architecture, but it is not suffocated by tourism.